Northern Hope Center

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Treatment approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling

Treatment Options

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Residential


  • Services for the deaf and hard of hearing


  • Adult men
  • Adult women
  • Seniors or older adults


  • Female
  • Male


  • Lesbian gay bisexual or transgender (LGBT)


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • 12-step faciltitation approach
  • Accepts clients on opioid medication
  • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Anger management
  • Benzodiazepines Detoxification
  • Brief intervention approach
  • Buprenorphine used in treatment
  • Clients referred from the court/judicial system
  • Contingency management/motivational incentive
  • Family Addiction Counseling
  • Group counseling offered
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Marital/couples counseling offered
  • Methadone clients only
  • Methamphetamines Detoxification
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Naltrexone (oral)
  • Opioids Detoxification
  • Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Relapse prevention from naltrxone
  • Vivitrol® (injectable Naltrexone)

Payment Options

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Most Insurances


Northern Hope Center, is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Focusing on changing the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction counselors at Northern Hope Center aim to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable in their newfound surroundings and provide them with the most effective treatment possible.

Treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction, is paramount when being treated at a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Greenfield, Massachusetts. This, amongst other reasons, is why Northern Hope Center offers certain treatment approaches that have been proven to work. These treatment approaches may include: Cognitive/behavioral therapy, Substance abuse counseling approach, Trauma-related counseling. Addiction treatment options are available to Adult men, Adult women, Seniors or older adults and Northern Hope Center accepts specific insurances, such as: Most Insurances.

It's important to strive in helping those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. Despite the severity of an addict's addiction, recovery is possible. With the proper treatment plan in place, addiction treatment patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. Get in touch with Northern Hope Center by visiting their website at to get started.

Contact Details

+1(413) 223-5072
298 Federal Street, 2nd FloorGreenfieldMassachusetts  01301

Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

; I have been a Pt @FRC since 8/16, grand opening. Dr. Potee (Original MD since opening in 2016) & The NP, Sharon are 100% caring, amazing, kind! RN’s Starting with a female who has a HUGE heart for the addicted, Keri-Jo Anderson (“original staff, most recently appointed “RnDirector) , Ron S, “Big Dave”, (Allison, RN Director); who left 8/31/18), DR (Ruth) POTEE’s discovery of the Librium/gabapentin protocol is phenomenal & I left with ALL MY NEEDS MET!! As for RS’s (“Recovery Specialists”; direct care), Honorable mentions: LeeAnn, Shaun S, Kristen K., Jane H (2016-Current); Anthony (new 2018), Laura (11p-7a- LOVE you, woman)!! I’ll add more l8er. ** As OF August 2028, I “overheard” via med. staff, that, DUE to an issue concerning a few elderly (65+ years old) Pts, ( Pt’swho belong in hospice, FRC detox has requirements of fully ambulatory,100% self sufficient); & then passing away on the property due to old age (& continued drug addiction/alcoholism since child/teen years), causing a huge scene over chosen lifestyle; too old to help! **WARNING: Do NOT bring your elderly parents/ grandparents to FRC Greenfield DETOX! They most likely need ER admittance + hospice.NOT intending to be “mean”- TRUTH. I OVERHEARD that THE entire MED PROTOCOL for alcohol 🥃 is being “changed” so that anyone there for alcohol detox will be only scaled (C.I.W.A. Scale) half of what the former scaling had been!! Thanks to ELDERLY PT’s who legit need nursing home, not 1 week detox, all younger 18-49 year ALCOHOLICS vs. elderly trying to abuse a detox! Refusing nursing homes! *FRC (Franklin recovery center) is owned under umbrella of “BHN”, Behavioral Health Network. The closest other detox to FRC ran also by “BHN”, is called “CRC”, CARLSON recovery Center, in Springfield. “CRC” deserves a NEGATIVE -5 for ratings. (Aside from the following RN’s (Allison from FRC was there to “teach” (Heather, CRC’s RN MANAGER), on HOW to run a detox! (LMFAO)! Most kinder employees were on their 3rd day/1st week @ CRC!! The RN’s that’d been at “Carlson” were only 1-3 people! (The “Ron S” I recommended, works BOTH FRC/CRC. RN’s admitted that CRC, Carlson, was, in fact, UNDER-medicating, especially for alcohol withdrawal, which can be fatal)! Heroin/opiate detox may be “uncomfortable”, but at least FRC (Franklin RC) gives Pt enough detox meds to ALCOHOLICS so they can get REST they DESPERATELY NEED. To stop shaking, seizure/death! I feared for My LIFE @ Carlson, CRC! ** I have been to detox at FRC MOSTLY FOR ALCOHOL, but in 2016, I went there for H*roin/opiates-0alcohol! Pts @FRC -for opiate detox methadone, suboxone, Pt allowed to CHOOSE), the protocols (“C.O.W.S. Scale”) has not changed at all since FRC’s grand opening, summer 2016. SUMMARY:I’ve been Pt at FRC (Franklin- greenfield) detox, 12+ in 2 years! I recently, FRC ran out of methadone. (Sounds crazy, but true)! Charge RN, Susan S, (Sat. 9/29/18) came to me, after FRC intake was complete. Susan explained that since I was on “daily methadone maintenance”, the methadone supply was too low to admit ANYONE on “MMT”. SO unfortunate! Only trying to HELP ME, Susan S., RN suggested 1other BHN detox (Springfield, MA). Greenfield=45 min from me. Home>Greenfield>Springfield, =2+ hr. drive)! I was able to secure a bed, 1pm to be there at 5pm, latest. **The rest of this horror story of the CRC-FILTH, JAIL-atmosphere, undermedicating, alcohol- withdrawal/seizures, story of abusive, 0 ethics LPN (CARLSON DETOX). “Moneisha”, African American (Female) unethical TX! Reporting CRC to authorities! I support FRC (G-Field) 200%! Best detox in MASS! FRC(G-Field)=Betty Ford Tx Ctr. CRC(“Carlson”), which is literally jail. (I’ve already submitted complaints to: DPPC, DPH, DEA, BSAS on “CARLSON)”. FRC= LOVE,RESPECT. CRC= Forced to d/c due to an 11 day stay (2 wknds/1 holiday included)! Wasn’t even able to do 1 intake to “FURTHER TX”! Will post review for CRC! 🔥😈🔥. At (CRC), Pts are better off ending it vs. being thrown back to street after 6 days, ALL for money, to “flip beds”, mainly for “minorities”!

  3.0   3 years ago

Nice staff. Beds available almost every day.

  4.0   4 years ago

Wonderful food and staff been clean sense the day I wentZ

  5.0   4 years ago

wonderful staff great environment essential care

  5.0   4 years ago

This place saved my life. The staff will do anything to help, like drive to Holyoke so I could see my son. They did so much for me things that went beyond their job duties. If you want help and to be sober, this place is amazing. If you don't want the help then at least try to change your perspective because of you can't there are plenty of people that do.

  5.0   4 years ago

I think that Franklin recovery/northern hope are places where somebody struggling with addiction and alcoholism can go to seek help. Although the success rate of treating addiction is often low percentage wise, it is important to try to help each other and to not give up hope on anyone. I have had many experiences with this place and they have all been positive.

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